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From experience and notably research done throughout the United States of America; tire shops owners have drastically seen a demand in used tires for sale. They have come to the decision that new tires are not the only way to make a very good profit. Many tire shop owners have first-hand witnessed customers complain and have been actually angry finding out that brand new tires has way out of their budget. Many consumers have called it “not fair” or “unbelievable” how much new tires will actually cost them.


When it comes time to buying tires, the most important thing first for many people is the cost. They do not look at the quality of the tread or a manufacturer’s reviews before buying these kinds of tires. Now days and especially beginning in 1999, used tires for sale has [...]

Many people still have asked questions about what kind of tires they need for they cars or trucks. In a poll asked from one hundred people regarding the meaning of light truck tires, it was found that only 25% of people actually knew what LT tires meant. Many people have mistaken these tires for off-road tires, or knobby tires. The basic concept of LT tires is that these tires are made to hold more weight and carrying capacity. This is very prominent for trucks and cargo vans that are used for work.


Local tire shop owners have agreed that light truck tires are a commonly searched topic on Google many because they are so expensive brand-new. Major retailers around the nation have stated that the average amount of light truck tires sold through their shops is much less [...]

To understand how to efficiently and effectively save money while buying tires, one must truly understand the market of cheap tires. It is essential to keep your car running properly throughout every season. Whether it is snow or rain, you as a driver must be ready to experience any obstacles that may occur on the road.


New tires these days can be a very costly and most consumers just do not have the time or capability of affording these kinds of tires. Researchers from around the nation have expressed that used tires can be the smartest way to start adding to all your vehicles. A used tire can potentially have between 60 to 90% tread left. The main reason tires don’t last is because most consumers do not properly rotate their tires. Used tires however vary much differently [...]

Tire experts and marketing geniuses have come across an odd variation between customers. It has been a common mistake by many people especially foreign consumers that may have misinterpreted the spelling of tires. The term tyres has come about many times in search engines and many marketing analysts are wondering what is causing this search to be so consistent.


Many computer analysts have come to the conclusion that a majority of foreign people new to America has spelled tire wrong mainly because they are pronouncing it wrong. The way tires are said especially in Spanish is spelled tyres.

This has sparked a huge search result, also known as a citation, in Google’s database. Shops owners around the nation are missing the niche and many have not realized that this misinterpretation of the simply spelling of tires could be [...]

Many drivers these days have taken their driving habits to another level by adjusting to bigger tires. These tires include top name brands such as Michelin, Firestone, Bridgestone, Nitto, Pirelli and many other brands. These companies have really started building more upon the demands for all terrain tires and cheap mud tires.


The millennial age group has seen a strong increase in these off road tires and mainly mud-terrain tires. Mud tires in general are a great way to give any truck that flare and style. Many people believe that a lift is the only way to get a truck noticeable on the road. However, it really depends on the kind of quality used tires you have and which tire route you decide to choose. Cheap mud tires have been a common search result based on Google’s database. [...]

To find the best tire deals in your area, one must go online and search and call for prices. This task may seem rigorous, but in fact it is actually quite easy. The essential key in finding the best prices is to be flexible on trying different brands that you may not be accustomed to. One of the greatest exporters in the world is China, and China actually produces great tires for any season.

Many people have incorrectly believed the myth that Chinese tires are not good quality and that they will burn tread faster in the summer than any other tire.

However, research from tire experts around the nation have revealed statistical data showing that Chinese brand tires have outsold 80% of other major tire brands. Now you may be wondering if this can actually be true, and I’m here to prove you that it is. Another aspect in to find the best tire [...]


Mike’s Tire is known for Lewisville Tires because of the quality and trusted brands. Our staff has been focused, since the first day the company has been open, to accurately and effectively diagnose our customer’s vehicles in this city. The reason Mike’s Tire has been in business so long is because we are a trusted company. When a company talks about trust, it is much different than any other trust. Trust with a company is an ongoing and continued process that never disappears.

The reason we give free quotes and go out of our way to help our customers is because we understand how frustrating it can be to purchase a new or used set of tires. Many customers that come into Mike’s Tire have absolutely no idea what exactly they are looking for, let alone where to [...]

Everything you want to know about Mike’s Tire. Our business, Mike’s Tire, began from a vision in 1995. The vision came from Mike and this vision included a dream to expand great customer service and products to our location. The company began very small with just a few hundred tires and two tire changing machines. Three years later after our grand opening, Mike’s Tire decided to buy new property and expand the location to a bigger building.


This location was in Dallas, Tx where the heart of the automotive industry was booming. The boom was big and Mike did not want to miss out on it. He built relationships with every person he met and never once burnt a bridge with any individual. Mike knew that one day all his hard work would come back and do him [...]


People are the most valuable natural resource on planet earth and it’s important that customers are always treated fairly especially in the best tire shop. It is no doubt that great leaders recognize this and serve everyone who works for them. I asked a great leader who was a plant manager of 400-plus people in a manufacturing plant a couple of questions about his leadership style. Being able to compete with China in the garment industry while located in the US brought many visitors to the company’s factory. Many people wanted to see how he did it. At the end of the day, this man had a process for how he interacted and led his people. An actively engaged leader has engage employees.

best tire shopThese certain qualities should be looked for [...]

Many customers these days have problems when it comes to towing. Either they cannot find the right tow truck that can haul their vehicle or the prices are just way too expensive. Towing Lewisville has been searched many times in several different search engines, and it seems that the instant result is a big company that wants to overcharge you.

Here at Mike’s Tire, we offer flat bed towing at a low rate. We don’t want to hassle our customers with outrageous prices and have to force them to take our service while they are extremely angry. We want to be able to help our customers and build a relationship that will last forever. Whether it be for the customer’s family or friend, here at Mike’s Tire we are always willing to lend a hand whether the tow be from a home or even from a wrecking yard.

Towing Lewisville a search result has led [...]

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