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Vehicle State Inspection is a mandatory procedure for all states in America, Texas included. The process is a requisition of the government and is the only ticket to renewed registration. Without renewed registration, you will be unable to drive your vehicle for a stipulated period. A few years ago Texas changed up the car inspection and vehicle registration process.

The rigors of the process vary, depending on how old the car is what type of car it is and the technological advances involved. However, the process should not, under any circumstances, be taken for granted.Most people fail the inspection due to petty negligence.

Here are the top 5 reasons why most vehicles fail state inspections.


  1. Unbalanced Air-Fuel Ratio (AFR)

Proper AFR is, at optimum conditions, about 15 [...]

On punishingly hot summer day on the tracks, surface temperatures can easily get to 150-degrees. As the rubber meets the road, so does it meet the extraordinary heat. Hot weather causes a drastic heat build-up and weakens car tires, leading to wear and tear and suspension imbalances that could jeopardize your safety and the safety of other motorists on the road. To avoid this, you need to be aware of tire maintenance tips.

Tires wear quicker in the summer due to heat that causes:

a) Pressure changes

When the temperature changes, your tire pressure changes too. For each 10-degree increment in air temperature, your tire pressure increases by 1 PSI (pound per square inch). In the hot summer weather, the PSI of your tires can go up by as much as 5 PSI within initial 20 minutes of driving. This causes sudden inflation that increases contact and friction between the tire and [...]

The new changes to the process of getting your vehicle registration has left many customers confused as to what comes first and why. The process at around three years ago was quite difficult and tough for many shops around Dallas, Denton, Collin county and more. The first step had to be done through the shop owners and this was to physically purchase stickers from the local county. Once the employee or owner went to the county office to purchase the stickers, they then had to drive back to the shop and use the book they had. If for some reason all the stickers were used, the shop couldn’t perform any more state inspections. The price that the customer paid back when there were stickers was $39.75 and this was quite high for a lot of people. Now that the Texas two step program is in place, several customers have asked me how much Texas state inspection?

There have been several questions customers have asked me regarding what the new procedures are for the Texas two step vehicle state inspection program. It is quite simple and the changes the state has made has actually benefited local shops that provide these services. The old system was comprised of physical stickers that would go underneath the registration sticker, and this system seemed to work for quite a while until the state started running into budget issues.state inspection


The stickers itself was a big cost for the state and for the car shops because it required more money to even be able to offer this service. For example, if your shop ran out of inspection stickers then the shop would not be able to conduct any more service. That, in turn means a lost sale and [...]

When it comes to curb rash, bends or even breaks in a wheel, it is always important to remember that a wheel can usually be fixed. The fact of the matter is that wheels these days have become very expensive. Manufacturers have decided that steel wheels are a thing of the past. The most common type of wheel found today is going to be an alloy wheel, also known as aluminum. These kinds of wheels have been around for a while, but have become more prominent in the last decade. The wheel repair shops and best tire shop nowadays have specialized in fixing alloy wheels only. A common misconception about a bent wheel is that it can never be fixed. Dealerships have been known to charge over two hundred dollars just for a single wheel, and that doesn’t include installation!

wheel repair

Tire Discounters

Tire Discounters

Everyone these days have wanted to save money without having to through so much. It’s reasonable to understand that an average income is limited in many aspects and been subjected to irrational decisions. The benefits on saving money can help families survive in this devastating economy. I have seen so many situations where people make decisions on a set of tires and the honest thing is, they are spending so much money. Look I understand people want to get the best for their money, but there has to be a limit on how much they actually spend on tires.

In this day and age it has been obvious that an extensive amount of research has to be done before making any purchase on absolutely anything! Tire Discounters is sure to get you in the groove of saving money for your family. The best way to find the right tire deals is to call and shop [...]

A common question that people ask is how to read their tire sizes. The majority of people don’t understand what all these numbers mean. The great thing is about tire a size is that it’s actually quite simple to read the size. A common way the tire setup is read as so, P205-55/R16. The first three numbers tell you the width of the tire in millimeters (mm). The second number is a height to width ratio, meaning that 55% of the 205mm will be the height in millimeters. The last part of this is the diameter of the wheel. In this situation it a 16 inch wheel.


There are several customers I receive a day that ask me what will the numbers be if I want to go wider. What if I want to make my truck look [...]

Discount Tires


A family owned shop is the right way in finding anything you want these days. It is common for people to receive the same products that they receive from major company names from a small business. The name of the game these days is convenience. When I say convenience, I mean that you don’t have to travel so many miles just to receive good prices on tires. When you shop at low priced shops, you have to understand that most of these people are not in business to screw anyone over. They are clearly in business because they want to help you and your family. I believe that nine times out of ten, humans communicate and get things faster when everything is close to them. Now that you can understand when good customer service comes in.


lewisville-texasA prominent problem in many regions around Dallas and Lewisville, Texas has been finding the locations of tire stores. When consumers were asked how they find stores that can help them find what they need, they answered that they just use their phones. This in turn did not actually answer they questions in the survey specifically. The survey’s intention was to find out what specific apps or search engines were being used. These same customers also searched vehicle inspection into their search engines to find the best results. Another aspect of insuring great customer service in the tire business is to offer wheel repair service and for customers with a flat tire.


The biggest company that has changed the way people shop for things online is Google.  Used tires Lewisville are can be found at Mike’s Tire. They [...]

The main concern from a consumer’s perspective when it comes to tires is the price. If the price is not right, then the sale is never made. This also comes into play with customer service, tire maintenance,  cleanliness of the shop and especially of the quality of your product. “It’s always seen as cheap or not useful when shopping for used anything these days” says John a resident of Dallas County. The only problem the John’s statement is that he has not done his proper research in finding the right tire prices.


The biggest stores you see in your area or neighborhood are there for a reason and only one reason. It is to make money and keep the customer satisfied. Now you are probably wondering how they can maintain such nice stores with many employees and top [...]

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